Garage Door Repairs

Garage door problems are inconvenient in all circumstances. Finding a garage door repairs service that can diagnose the issue immediately and get it repaired quickly is essential. Superior Garage Doors has locations in Almont, Shelby Township, and Sterling Heights. Contact us today for any garage door problems.garage door repairs

Garage Door Opener Repairs

The solution for a broken or malfunctioning garage door opener may be as simple as a new remote, or an entirely new system may be required. The right expert will consider the size and material of the garage doors when determining horsepower, speed, and belt drive for a new garage door opener, and fine tune the system down to the last detail.

Replace Garage Door Springs

Replacing garage door tension springs and cables is tricky, dangerous work. The springs of the garage door create the force that lifts the heavy door – and uses extreme tension to get the job done. Whether the problem is with overhead cables, torsion springs, or extension spring systems, this repair is not a safe do-it-yourself job.

Repair Garage Door Seal

No one wants their garage to invite in heat, cold, precipitation, or insects and pests. Weatherstripping fills in the gaps in garage doors, whether that means installing new weather seals or hingers or replacing rotten trim. Harsh Michigan weather conditions affect the garage door seal, which can also deteriorate naturally over time.

Fix Garage Door Lock

Garage doors that don’t have automatic openers usually have a keyed cylinder lock just like any normal entrance door. When it’s difficult to lock or unlock the door, the problem could be with the misalignment of the locking bars and locking holes in the door track.

Commercial Retractable Garage Door Replacement

Heavy, steel garage doors seen in commercial or industrial settings for store fronts and warehouses, airplane hangars and storage facilities are made with sophisticated engineering and design. The replacement of a commercial retractable garage door takes great knowledge of the equipment and the precision to carry out a successful replacement.

Roll-Up Garage Door Repairs

Whether commercial or residential, roll-up garage doors are designed to coil up and save space. Necessary repairs may include the replacement of slats, rails, weather-stripping, or slide locks, as well as adjustments for integral doors, interlock systems, or high-cycle usage.

One-Piece Garage Door Replacement

One-piece garage doors swing out, making them an inconvenient feature on a home that is far from weather-repellant. They wear out faster than most garage doors, making them dangerous and costly. Replacing a single-panel garage door with a sectional garage door is an excellent home upgrade.

Garage Door Track Replacement

The tracks are what make garage doors open and close smoothly. If the track becomes bent or misaligned, the door can be damaged, leading to more costly repairs. Rollers may also become bent or broken, making the garage door malfunction. Replacing the tracks or rollers can provide a smoother and quieter door movement.

Garage Door Repairs in Shelby Township, Michigan

Maybe your garage door is going up and down too slowly or too quickly. Maybe the door makes too much noise or is out of balance. Perhaps the sensors or opener buttons are problematic, the doors have broken, or there are wobbly rollers and brackets causing problems. When there is a problem with the operation or condition of your garage doors, you know it. Rely on the experts to take tackle this meticulous work in a timely, efficient manner. Contact Superior Garage Doors at any of their three locations – Almont Garage Door Repair, Shelby Township Garage Door Company, or Sterling Heights Garage Doors – for repair or emergency service of your garage door.