Garage Door Opener Replacement and Repair

When your garage door isn’t working properly, you may be quick to jump to the conclusion that you need a new door. However, the solution may be as simple as the replacement or repair of an automatic garage door opener. Get an expert opinion and estimate from Superior Garage Doors, the trusted garage door repair and installation company serving Almont, Shelby Township, Sterling Heights, and neighboring areas.

Figure Out What’s Wrong with Your Garage Doors Nowgarage door opener replacement

It’s possible for garage door openers to last for decades, especially for homeowners who keep up with the maintenance of the rollers and springs. Whatever the age of your opener, if something isn’t working right, it’s important to consult a garage door expert to troubleshoot the problem and provide the right repair and replacement services. Even if your doors are working but running rough, don’t wait until something breaks completely. You may discover that the repairs are minor and the solutions fast and easy – allowing your doors to fall into greater disrepair just means a heftier cost later.

Garage door opener repairs may involve adjusting or replacing the remotes, safety sensors, light switches, gear kits, or otherwise. Ultimately, you want a trained professional making the diagnosis of your garage door problem to ensure that the fixes are carried out properly and efficiently for maximum safety and consistency.

Having garage doors that don’t work properly is a major inconvenience, and you don’t have to tolerate poorly performing doors. Smooth-operating, high-quality reliable door openers are available within your budget and needs.

Good Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Even if there is nothing wrong with your garage door opener, you may be aware of the age of the mechanism and feel better upgrading your model. Newer versions offer increased safety and security, as well as innovative features and capabilities for convenient, better operation, including:

  • Automatic reversal: A safety reversing mechanism is a requirement for modern garage door openers. Sensors situated several inches above ground level on both sides of the door recognize an object passing through the doorway when the door is in motion and immediately reverse direction.
  • Quieter operation: If your garage door opener is disruptive, waking people in the house or screeching loudly in the garage upon every departure and arrival, newer belt drives openers are incredibly quiet.
  • Keyless entry: Some existing garage door openers are compatible with the installation of a keypad or smart-home entry system. If these are features you want to have but can’t because of the age of your garage doors, replacing the garage door openers may be enough to get you to the requirements of a touchpad, wireless, or keyless entry system that is also compatible with your home security system app and mobile devices and works from remote locations.
  • Stronger security: Older garage door openers are susceptible to thieves who are willing to take the time to hack a remote control using a special decoding device and open the door. New garage doors have a rolling code feature that changes with every opening and closing, providing a more secure safety feature.
  • Battery backup: The power does go out, and if you have to resort to pulling your garage door up and down by hand in these instances, consider exchanging your garage door opener for one with battery backup.

Garage Door Opener Replacement and Repair in Shelby Township, Michigan

Superior Garage Doors technicians repair and replace LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Linear, Genie, Overhead Door, and many other garage door opener brands. Even if we did not install your existing system, we can advise you on your decision-making and carry out the job you need done so your garage doors are back in working order quickly. Don’t tolerate the inconvenience of poorly performing garage doors. Contact Superior Garage Doors at any of their three locations – Almont Garage Door Repair, Shelby Township Garage Door Company, or Sterling Heights Garage Doors – for repair or emergency service of your garage door.