Garage Door Parts

A garage door is a complicated, intricate mechanism with many moving bits and pieces. Over time and many rotations, garage door parts can wear out or break. Always rely on an experienced technician to diagnose a problem with your garage door and carry out the necessary repairs. At Superior Garage Doors, we are familiar with all makes and models of garage doors and are prepared to address your issues efficiently so you can maintain garage access to your home without worrying about safety.
garage door parts

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are responsible for offsetting the weight of the garage door to make it easy to open and close and help maintain the door’s balance. There are many types of garage door springs that usually fall into the category of torsion springs or extension springs. Garage door springs can break because of wear and tear, rust, or poor maintenance.

Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers are the small wheels that ride along the garage door track and allow the door to go up and down. They are typically made of plastic, steel, or nylon. Common garage door roller problems include poor lubrication, track issues, dirt and grime, or regular wear and tear. Sometimes the rollers are the issue themselves, or other compromised parts may be affecting the rollers.

Garage Door Tracks

Garage door tracks house garage door rollers and make the door move smoothly. Tracks come in different widths and are produced as standard lift, vertical lift, or high lift. Though garage door tracks are galvanized for protection against rust and corrosion, problems typically arise become of a malfunction with another door part, like a broken cable, roller displacement, metal fatigue, or shifting of the building foundation over time.

Garage Door Belts

Belt-drive garage door openers are quiet and smooth, making them ideal for homeowners with a garage adjacent to a bedroom or other quiet room of the house. The belt rotates through a gear that opens and closes the garage door. A noisy or squeaky door indicates that a belt’s tension could be too loose or too tight. A door that bounces or closes too hard also point to a potential problem with the garage door belt.

Garage Door Openers

When you have a problem with your garage door opener, there could be any number of reasons behind the issue. You may need the adjustment of anything from the safety sensors to light switches to gear kits. Or you may need a garage door opener replacement. Upgrading your model after years of use is a wise safety and security measure that also lets homeowners take advantage of the convenient features of a newer garage door part, like quieter operation, automatic reversal, keyless entry, and battery backup.

Garage Door Remotes

Most garage door openers are controlled by a remote. If your garage door isn’t working, don’t automatically assume that there is something wrong with the door itself. The batteries in garage door openers will eventually run out of power, causing your door to malfunction. If troubleshooting proves that the batteries are not the problem, you may need a new remote entirely or you can have a new receiver installed.

Get Garage Door Parts and Repairs from Superior Garage Doors

Leave the garage door diagnoses and repairs to the experts. If you have a problem with your garage doors, schedule a tune-up or consultation with a technician at Superior Garage Doors in Macomb County. We have all the door parts you need to get repairs done quickly and properly so your doors are operating safely, securely, and efficiently. Contact us today to discuss your concerns.