Garage Door Tune Up

garage door tune upMany homeowners believe they could see if something was wrong with their garage doors. However, there are many components that only an expert would recognize as being out of whack. Regular garage door tune ups can save you from Superior Garage Doors can protect you from dangerous problems and costly repairs.

The garage is, for most homeowners, the most-used entrance to their home. The garage door could go up and down over 1,000 times in a single year. Anything that works that hard in your home, over time, will need some TLC.

What to Expect During a Garage Door Tune Up

Just as you schedule inspections and tune-ups for your vehicle, it’s important to do the same for the space where your vehicle is housed. Garage doors are the largest moving object in your house with many moving parts. Regular maintenance is critical.

Here are some of the things you can expect during your garage door tune up:

  • Inspection of the door’s hardware
  • Tightening of nuts and bolts, if necessary
  • Inspection of the roller for wear and tear
  • Inspection of the lift cable for wear
  • Maintenance of springs, seals, and chains
  • Lubrication of springs
  • Lubrication of chains or screws
  • Inspection and replacement of weather seal, if necessary
  • Check of the photo eye sensors
  • Test of the door balance
  • Test of the auto-reverse safety features
  • Check of the force on the garage door opener

A garage door should move smoothly and quietly, without a lot of banging, clanging, and creaking. Proper lubrication cuts down on damaging friction and minimizes noise. When an expert technician examines your garage doors, every aspect of the system is inspected. Existing and potential issues are identified and addressed during a garage door tune up so your garage doors operate smoothly and efficiently.

Signs That You Need a Garage Door Tune Up

Garage doors get daily use in most households. A yearly visit by a garage door expert is recommended, though the more a door is used, the more frequently it should be inspected. You don’t need to wait for a problem with your garage door to arise before you reach out to a technician for inspection, but if you notice any of these issues it’s time to get a garage door tune up as soon as possible:

  • Garage door is moving more slowly than usual
  • Door movement is louder than in the past
  • Springs look like they’re stretched
  • Door doesn’t operate even when the motor is running
  • Garage door doesn’t open or close, or only does so halfway

Your garage door should be a convenience, not a nuisance that might or might not work properly. You can do some troubleshooting yourself and investigate the positioning of the photo sensors or notice whether the weather stripping is out of place, but always save the repairs for the experts. The problem could be bigger than it seems, and when one component breaks or malfunctions, it’s a sign that other parts could be worn or damaged.

Schedule a Garage Door Tune Up with Superior Garage Doors

Minimize inconvenient and expensive breakdowns and keep your garage doors operating at peak performance by scheduling a garage door tune up with Superior Garage Doors. You prolong the lifespan of your garage doors with regular inspections, lubrications, and tune ups.

Our experienced and insured technicians service all makes and models of garage doors such as Liftmaster , ensuring that your garage doors are kept in good working order and maintain their job as a security control for your home.  Contact us today to schedule your garage door tune up appointment.