Garage Door Price

New garage doors are an important investment in safety and style for your home. garage door priceWhen you’re in the market to replace your doors, you want to make sure every element is right, especially the price. Superior Garage Doors will work with you to determine the ideal type, style, and construction of your new doors at a fair garage door price. We conduct installations in Almont, Shelby Township, Sterling Heights, and all neighboring areas.

Factors That Affect Garage Door Price

You may want an economical replacement garage door but also one that is energy efficient and heavy duty. It’s important to make your wish list of characteristics, then carefully consider the many factors that affect garage door price:

  • Door size: The typical single-car garage door size is 8’x7’ and double-car garage door size is 16’x7’. Every home does not have a standard-size garage door so width and height will impact the final cost.
  • Number of doors: You may have one double-car garage door or three separate garage bays or one double door and one single door. Whatever the configuration, it will affect the cost.
  • Type: Garage doors are usually made of wood, steel, or fiberglass. They all come with their own unique benefits, and they also have their own unique price points.
  • Composition: Overlay + steel + insulation + steel is just one combination of layering that comprises a garage door. You may opt for double layer steel + insulation or prefer single-layer or triple-layer. The more robust the layering, the higher the price, but the sturdier the door.
  • Design pattern: The price of a garage door will go up or down depending on the intricacy of the design, from bead board to recessed panels, closed panels to window panels, clear glass to frosted glass, painted doors to wooden doors, decorative hardware to no hardware.

If you’re trying to justify the price tag of a particular garage door or cut corners on cost, keep in mind that while the look of the door is important, it’s the construction and installation that are most critical.

Especially in Michigan, you want to make sure you have garage doors that keep out weather and protect your home. If you’re trying to decide between aesthetically pleasing frosted windows and an extra layer of insulation, your best bet is to opt for structure over style at any cost.

See Door Styles and Designs Before You Buy

When you’re purchasing new doors for your garage, you don’t have to go into the venture blindly. Before you place any order, ask for samples of:

  • Paneling
  • Colors
  • Glass
  • Hardware
  • Insulation

You’re making a major purchase for your home and want to ensure that every element is just right. Express your taste and preferences, whether classic or contemporary, and allow your garage door installer to offer their expertise as they have seen what garage doors do and do not work in a home of your size, style, and design. They know what elements are worth the money and which features are not.

Know what you want, but also trust the experts at Superior Garage Doors to help you get the equation right and ensure that your garage door price is right too.

Determine Your Garage Door Price in Michigan

When it’s time to outfit your home with new garage doors, we at Superior Garage Doors are ready to talk about the next steps. Or start first with our online Garage Door Designer, an interactive tool that allows you to design your garage doors piece by piece to see what they will look like on your home. You can request a quote direct from the page or schedule an appointment with an installer to review the details.

Superior Garage Door offers both sales and installation, helping you on your journey to new garage doors from start to finish. Contact any of our locations to schedule an appointment and find out what the right garage door price is for your Michigan home.